Thursday, April 22, 2010

A shorter re-phrasing of "Why I left the Mormon Church."

I've mentioned this before on the blog, so long-time readers (if I have those) can doze off for a little bit:P My first concrete step out of the morg was the realization that I had been told what to believe for my entire life, and I found I didn't care for it. I took a figurative step back to reexamine my own beliefs and look at things objectively, and I immediately realized that after about 23 years as a BIC mormon, I didn't really believe that there were 15 old men in SLC that received personal messages for me from god.

Other things quickly followed: I didn't believe the story of Genesis--my biology studies seemed to directly contradict it, in fact, but I had never examined both in the same light at the same time. I didn't believe that there were horse-riding, steel-forging, elephant-taming, hebrew-speaking-but-reformed-egyptian-writing Jews in the Americas before Columbus. I didn't believe that black people were less worthy, or that women were undeserving of authority positions, or that a series of secret handshakes would be required to get into heaven.

In short, I didn't really believe all these things that I had gone along with all my life for no other reason than because that's what I had been told to believe.