Friday, October 30, 2009

You Tube video: "Why Atheists Care About YOUR Religion"

While I consider myself an agnostic, I'm going to pass this one on. This young lady seems very passionate and surprisingly sincere, and I think this makes for good food for thought. (It probably doesn't hurt that she has really pretty eyes, but I seriously digress:P)

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Facebook has informed me that this is General Conference weekend.

Repeatedly. Overwhelmingly. Ad nauseum, in fact. So far I've managed to keep my mouth shut, but it's wearing thin. There is no way I used to go on and on about conference like that.

And as a quiet warning in case somebody I know is actually reading this: so far I've taken a "Live and Let Live" approach to my friends/family in the mormon church. I have my beliefs, they have their beliefs. But if anyone decides to "courageously confront" me and bring me "back to the fold," it works both ways. If you try to convert me to your beliefs, I am entitled to try to convert you to mine. And I know for a fact that mormons really HATE when historical facts are brought into a religious discussion. That's understandable, since the facts firmly contradict what they believe.

So anyone who's willing to learn something: go ahead and ask. I'll be happy to oblige. But for the ones who are only trying to follow that "wonderful counsel" (WTF!?) that was given, don't. It is SO MUCH safer not to poke the bear.